Hog Roast Thornton Heath

Hog Roast Thornton HeathHog roast catering is a popular and delicious option for events and gatherings, and Hog Roast Thornton Heath bring their portable hog roast catering service straight to your venue. We have designed and manufactured our very own equipment which ensures that the pig is cooked to total perfection, so you’re guaranteed a first-class meal every single time.

The process of hog roast catering typically begins with selecting a high-quality pig, from a reputable farm. We believe that this is the basis for guaranteeing the very best taste and texture when it is finally served on your plate. Next, the pig is seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices before it is finally placed on the spit and turned over an open flame. The cooking process takes approximately 6 hours, so we will arrive at your venue nice and early to ensure that the food is ready at the desired time for your guests.

Hog Roast Catering Done Your Way With Hog Roast Thornton Heath

Hog Roast Thornton HeathYou have the choice of a range of side dishes including vegetables, chips, coleslaw and so much more? And why not request a drizzle of our very own homemade apple sauce as the finishing touch to your dish? When booking Hog Roast Thornton Heath, you also have the option of adding starters and desserts if you’re keen to treat your guests to a three-course sit down meal served by our team of professional waiters.

If any of your guests have any special dietary requests, please let us know. We have additional vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options which can be requested in advance. Also, if you are aware of any allergies, we can adapt our to suit the individual as everything is made from scratch on-site.

So, what events do we cater for? Hog Roast Thornton Heath can serve our delicious meals for every occasion, from weddings to birthday parties and business functions to large-scale festivals and markets. If you’re interested in booking Hog Roast Thornton Heath, get in touch today to secure your date. We will be on hand to talk you through the various menu and serving options.