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The great debate between which is better between the North and South halves of London still rages on today, with ardent support on both sides. However, for our money, and with our stylish and brilliant event catering services serving locations all throughout South London, we here at Hog Roast Greenwich would mark ourselves as South London supporters through and through. Where else in the world can you find such a rich vein of culture, heritage, and urban and rural combinations. South London brings the world so much, from David Bowie growing up on streets of Brixton, or the artful brilliance of the famous Ritzy picture house, the O2 of Greenwich, the world-famous Wimbledon tennis club and tournament, or the significance and beauty of the mash of cultures found in Croydon. It is a place that knows how to enjoy itself, and quite simply we here at Hog Roast Greenwich are about little more than that ultimately!

South London boasts novelty and unique style, which is precisely what Hog Roast Greenwich does too in our speciality catering service. Our unique hog roast is a dish that has the swagger of South London and the novelty of its style and spectacle. This is a dish primed for the South London way, so why not enjoy it events across any of our South London locations that we cater to:

While the likes of Andy Murray and our other British tennis greats tear up the courts at Wimbledon, we here at Hog Roast Greenwich could be tearing up your perfect hog roast to enjoy in a roll or with a roast to go along with your viewing. It might not be strawberries and cream, but we reckon it is even better, and will certainly keep you filled better for those marathon sets throughout the day!

Or perhaps you’ve come to the picturesque sights of Greenwich to lay a beautiful backdrop for your wedding or celebrations. Hog Roast Greenwich will get you brilliant foods and services there too! Just as West meets East at Greenwich so too does modern brilliance meet traditionality with Hog Roast Greenwich’s stylish means of hog roast cooking. Our unique way of cooking on our specially designed mobile spit roast both preserves traditionality while also making the process more modern and efficient. It is the perfect dining combination for any event! Plus, with flexible and affordable pricing packages there is truly something to be found for everyone here in South London, just as the area intends!